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GPL 2.0
VENM Stack
Universal JS SSR
Themes + Plugins

Perfect for Perfectionists

Factor will help you launch apps that impress and astonish your clients and colleagues. No more re-inventing the wheel, or rewriting and refactoring where it's unneeded.

  • Dashboard and Posts

    Weild a powerful post system and dashboard to make advanced apps simple. No more cobbling things together, Factor does it all and more...

  • Themes and Plugins

    Factor is designed from the start for theming. Start your app with a beautiful and professional foundation; then customize as much as you need.

  • Free and Open Source

    Factor uses the same time-proven open source license as projects like WordPress and Linux. Factor is powered by the freedom of its users.

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Powered by VueJS and MongoDB

When you use Factor you'll be using best-of-class open source software under the hood. Stop worrying about lock-in and immature tech. No more endlessly comparing new tools and techniques. Just trust Factor and get started building your app.

Dynamic Beats Static

Factor is a universal Javascript framework which means you can dynamically make changes to your content and see them reflected immediately (without a build step). This also enables custom endpoints and server-side rendering (SSR) important for SEO, social, and performance reasons.
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Dashboard Included

Factor comes with a professional dashboard and post management system. This tool was carefully crafted to give you maximum powerful but with minimum bloat. It is simple by default but can be extended to handle even the most complex tasks.

Plugins that just work

Most Javascript frameworks make you do way too much coding and customization to make plugins work. That's why Factor makes plugins dead simple with intelligent defaults and no mandatory customization.
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Theming for the 21st Century

Ever seen a theming system for Javascript apps that you could work with? We hadn't either. Factor was developed from the start with customizable theming and rapid app development in mind.

"wow! So impressed with the speed and ease of use of @factordev for creating universal #vuejs apps 💨 #factorjs"


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