Factor Logo
Factor Logo

Factor is a web application platform built on the VENM Stack (VueJs, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB).

Its purpose is to help you ship apps as quickly by reducing the amount of time spent reinventing the wheel and reducing the amount of time associated with creating your own application stack.

Who Should Consider Factor

The goal of Factor is to help front-end Javascript developers ship web apps they can be proud of.

If you work with Javascript and spend lots of time doing rewrites, dealing with bugs and worrying about vendor lock-in then Factor is likely built for you.

The primary goals of Factor are:

  • Minimize frustration when building apps
  • Save people time with extensions that work
  • Build with open-source (no API lock-in)

Next Steps

We'll dive into the details of the dashboard, data model, plugins, themes and framework in a bit.

If you haven't installed Factor yet, let's move on to the Factor Quickstart →