Commands and CLI

A key part of using Factor is working with its command-line-interface (CLI). The CLI is used to help orchestrate tasks across the system.

Primary Factor Commands


$ yarn factor dev

This command starts your local development server and runs Factor in development mode.


# If a callback is added as "cli-run-my-custom-cli"

$ yarn factor run my-custom-cli

This command runs various operations that have been added by extensions and components. Reference their documentation for specifics, read about creating a custom command below.

$ yarn factor setup

Starts the Factor setup utility. The setup utility is used to configure setting and is commonly extended by plugins to help reduce guesswork in setting things up.

Production and Serving

$ yarn factor start

This will build your application for distribution and serve it in production mode.

This is useful in hosting environments for building and then serving. Also for testing the production version of your app.

$ yarn factor serve [environment]

Serves your app. Also takes an environment variable (production/development).

$ yarn factor build

Builds the production application bundle.

Standard Options

--PORT - Set the desired port to serve your application. Defaults to 3000.

--ENV - Set the FACTOR_ENV environmental variable. Defaults to NODE_ENV.

Help Command

$ yarn factor help

Displays available commands in the CLI (from both the framework and your installed extensions).