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With the power of Factor, the ease of JavaScript, and your revolutionary ideas, anything is possible.

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Build your Factor plugin or theme.

  • Complete Customization

    Easily add extensions that can be customized with settings by yourself or your customers.

  • Trade Secrets

    Having your own extensions can help you get clients and keep them.

  • Powerful Functionality

    Your extensions will get access to awesome features no one else can touch.

  • Make Money

    Feel free to sell or market your extensions on or off of Factor

  • Innovate

    Spend less time reinventing the wheel and more creating something special.

  • Developer Services

    Have a question? Need advice? We'd love to help you with your success.

Developer Program

Learn, build, and distribute your themes and plugins.
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Code to Customer

We'll help you with everything from coding to launching to getting real-world users of your extension.
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The Factor plugin directory makes it easy for users around the world to discover and install your extensions.
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Developer Support

Have questions? Need help? Join the forum where the community will help you build amazing tools.
Client Satisfaction
  • Ready. Set. Code.

    Working with Factor is a great way to learn the latest tools and technology.

  • Endless Possibilities

    With some practice, you'll be able to do anything in a fraction of the time with Factor.

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"Building with Factor has taught me a ton about creating real-world apps."

Developer Program

Learn, build, and distribute your themes & plugins.