Custom Blog Example #

If you want to create a custom blog using Factor, then this example is for you. In this repo, we've created a custom blog and set a few basic settings in Factor to get a completely unique result.


Demo #

Here is a live demo of the project

Code #

You can find the code for this project on Github.

Features #

  • A fully functional, dynamic blog that can be managed on the dashboard
  • Custom layout and design
  • Basic lint/typescript setup
  • Bonus: Dutch translation added of English text in plugin (localization)

Techniques Used #

  • Setting custom CSS variables. Learn about styles and standard CSS variables.
  • Adding custom routes via the index.ts main file
  • Importing the blog components directly into the route components for easy customization (single, index)
  • Overriding components from the blog plugin (advanced customization)