Steps to deploying with Heroku

Deploying to Heroku is dead-simple and a recommended way to run your Factor app in production. Getting going only takes a few basic steps.

Create An Account

Login or set up an account at Heroku

Create App

Next, create a new application in Heroku.

Create New App

Add Deployment from Github

Next we recommend setting up deployments straight from your Github repo.

  • Click on Deploy in nav
  • Click Deployment Method > Github
  • Connect app
  • Click Enable Automatic Deploys - Deploys on commit to specific branch
Deploy from Github

Setup Environment

  • Click on Settings in nav
  • Add your environmental variables. These are the same values in your .env
  • Add NodeJS Buildpack. This adds Node.
Config Vars

Add Heroku Commands to Project

Build on Deploy and Server

Based on this update from Heroku, they will automatically run your build and start scripts if they are available in package.json. So just add them as follows:

  "name": "factor-example-project",
  "scripts": {
    "build": "npx factor build",
    "start": "npx factor serve"

Now whenever you commit to the Git branch you selected for deployment Heroku will automatically build and then serve the app you committed.

Note Heroku offers many more tools for advanced deployments such as Procfile or special Buildpacks. Reference their documentation for more information.

View Your Live Site

Under settings in heroku, they will give you the settings for configuring your domain and a sandbox herokuapp domain that will be immediately available. Visit that site and you should see your live app. Congrats!