Steps to Using Atlas

For many users, the easiest way to get a DB is likely using Mongo Atlas. This is a hosted and managed service by the creators of MongoDb. It's cost efficient (and scalable) to use with Factor.

The steps to get a connection string are as follows:

Create Atlas Account

Set up an account at Mongo Atlas

Create New Database

Next you'll need to create a database. Under Clusters > Collections click "create database" and create a new database named whatever you'd like.

Then, add a new collection for Factor. Call it posts.

Adding DB and Collection

Create an Access User

You'll need to create a user that has the privileges needed to interact directly with your db. To do this go to Database Access > Add New Database User.

Create a username and password for that user. This information will be added directly into your connection string.

Create A User

Whitelist IPs

As a security measure, Atlas requires that you whitelist IP addresses that have permissions to interact directly with your database. If security is important, we recommend using this feature; however in many scenarios it's ok to "whitelist all IPs." This can make it easier to get things working without hiccups.

To do this go to: Network Access > IP Whitelist. Add to whitelist all IPs.

Network Access IPs

Get The Connection

Finally, get the connection info. Go to Connect > Connect Application. This will spit out a full connection string that you can add to your .env in your Factor app.

# .env - DB Connection (Mongo Connection String)
FACTOR_DB_CONNECTION="mongodb+srv://demo:[email protected]/demo?retryWrites=true&w=majority"