Services Setup #

Db, Email, Storage #

To allow maximum flexibility Factor requires 3 key services: email, database, and image storage. Set them up now or later.

Demo Defaults #

If you're just trying out Factor, you don't need to set up any services. Factor will use a demo database (which resets itself every 30 minutes) for data including images and log emails to your terminal.

Database #

Your DB Connection #

All that is needed for your database is a MongoDB connection url.

There are many ways to setup and host a MongoDB database and each method will have a straight forward way of getting this connection information.

Once you have a string, just add it to .env under FACTOR_DB_CONNECTION:

# .env - DB Connection (Mongo Connection String)

# with Mongo Atlas connection URL
FACTOR_DB_CONNECTION="mongodb+srv://demo:[email protected]/demo?retryWrites=true&w=majority"

# or with Mongo installed locally 

Mongo Atlas Integration Tutorial
Mongo Local Server Setting Up

Image Storage #

You'll need somewhere store images uploaded through Factor. For this we recommend an external image storage service that cleanly separates your app from your images.

Amazon/AWS S3 Integration Tutorial

SMTP Email #

Every CMS oriented system needs email for things like email notifications, forgot my password emails, email verification, etc. for this Factor integrates a standard SMTP email tool that needs to be connected with an external service.

Mailgun Integration Tutorial