Announcing Factor 1.4 - Embedded Posts

New features available in Factor 1.4

Feb 24, 2020

Today we published version 1.4 of Factor JS. In this release we laid the groundwork for "embedded" posts and the functionality that they enable.

What can you do with embedded posts?

Embedded posts are "posts within posts" and it's a great pattern for things like forums, comments, chat, etc. They are needed because, In those cases, it becomes difficult to scale if you create a new post for everything.

Try the Forum

You can see this functionality in the new Factor discussion forum. (We plan on making this plugin available for your use in a few weeks.)

Factor Forum

New Features and Improvements in 1.4

Ready to upgrade?

To upgrade your Factor app, all you have to do is run:

npm update 

or update your applications @factor/core dependency to ^1.4.0

If you are still looking to get started with Factor, just follow the 10-minute install guide.