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Factor Logo

Factor is a truly open-source CMS platform built for web professionals. It is designed for people who care about quality and don't like limitations. It's also especially nice for teams who need power and flexibility but have deadlines to meet.

Hitting the right balance of needs has led Factor to be used in production by many organizations. Once you learn the basics, you'll love how easy it is to create superior websites and apps.

Every day Factor powers some of the most powerful yet scaleable apps on the internet, it's modern architecture allows for simple caching and optimization which allows you to do more.

How Factor Is Different

The first question people usually ask is, how is Factor different from everything else out there?

A few key characteristics of Factor:

  • Instant extension - plugins that "just work," themes that are actually usable.
  • More power with full-stack - A full stack system means power and simplicity. No more APIs or serverless functions for everything.
  • Simplify with one basic language: Javascript - Build only with Javascript and Javascript friendly tech (JSON, Mongo, Typescript).
  • Modern tech, modern advantage - Do things that your friends building PHP apps can only dream of...
  • Remove risk with real open-source - Built on non-biased open-source tech from developers just like us: Vue, Mongo, Node, Express.

Here is a comparison table to help you quickly see how things compare:

(JavaScript CMS)
(eg. WordPress)
(eg. Gatsby)
(eg. Nuxt, Next)
1️⃣ Single Language
🚀 Modern Stack
🎛 Dashboard & CMS
🔌 Easy to Extend
🎨 Usable Themes
🏎 Rapid Development
⚡️ Dynamic (e.g. Auth)
📈 Easily Scalable
💼 Unified Platform

Getting Started

We'll dive into the details of the dashboard, data model, plugins, themes and framework in a bit.

If you haven't installed Factor yet, let's move on to the Factor Quickstart →