Factor Logo
Factor Logo

Factor is a CMS framework designed for the unique problems faced by front-end developers when creating websites and web apps.

Factor is built with the 100% Javascript VENM Stack (VueJs, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB); and also is coded in Typescript (which means you can use Javascript or Typescript natively).

Factor will help you:

  • ship apps as quickly
  • implement projects more concisely
  • spend less time debugging
  • avoid pitfalls

Core Idea

Factor is extension-focused, and the architecture it's built on was created with this in mind.

Factor includes the following components:

  • CLI and Build System
  • Express Server and Framework
  • VueJS Orchestration (router, store, ssr)
  • Standardized dashboard and data-model

While this means Factor has an opinion on these things, it comes with one important benefit:

Plugins and themes know what to expect.

And this allows authors to do more for you. Essentially they can create an experience that "just works" while in other frameworks you could spend days in debugging and config.

Getting Started

We'll dive into the details of the dashboard, data model, plugins, themes and framework in a bit.

If you haven't installed Factor yet, let's move on to the Factor Quickstart →