Famous 5-Minute Install

Starting a new Factor app is easy. The goal is to have you up-and-running in less than 5-minutes.

A simple project only needs @factor/cms referenced as a package.json dependency. This installs Factor CLI as well as some packages. Let's dig in...

Node + Yarn - Global Dependencies
Factor requires Node.js version 10 or above, as well as Yarn for dependency management.

Using create-factor-app

To get started quickly, we've built a "starter kit" tool: create-factor-app.

Make sure you have npx installed (npx is shipped by default since NPM 5.2.0)

$ npx create-factor-app <project-name>

or with Yarn:

$ yarn create factor-app <project-name>

Running this command will install Factor and start a guide that helps you create a starter app.

It will ask you a couple questions and then it will install and create a basic Factor app.

Once you've set up, the next step is to navigate to the project folder and launch it with:

$ cd <project-name>
$ yarn factor dev

Now your basic starter application should be running at localhost:3000