Just sayin' hi


This is the first post on the Factor Forum in production... 👋

Just testing :)

Hi Hi!


another test

the avatar in my message box looks a bit weird.

I can't wait to see how this CMS will improve.


@kro ah, we need to test that in windows.

@josepumach hi!

what happen with 1000 or 2000 replies listed?, should I scroll all of them to reach the bottom to add another one with or without "Add Reply" button?, looks good :)

It will be paginated; we have a few more features and scenarios to code for; thats software for you.

it would be nice that each reply could have reactions interaction in the future :)

This looks great!

Salam in persian

for the future. Hi mates

Gude! As we say here in Hesse, Germany.