Hi Andrew!!
I love this cms !!! I wanted to ask you if I upgrade my subscription can I have the forum plugin? This function is very important to me.

Yes, we have several "premium" extensions including the forum, subscriptions, etc... I'm actually working on this today.

That's great news! especially if we can say goodbye to wordpress! When those plugins are ready I will update to the pro version !!

Do I need javacript knowledge to manage a factor based website? or with the documentation is enough? I only know css + html

The vector of development is that things will get less technical over time as we build more extensions and UI driven features.

For now, customization is driven by editing a settings file to customize extensions (themes), but you may want to add routes, or use custom Vue components (which are driven by HTML/CSS)

To "manage" a site, once developed, should be non-technical.