Better multi-language support?


After struggling for a while, I feel that Factor has some major structural flaws in multi-language support,

  1. So far, Factor only supports translation for static contents, but what about dynamic contents?
  2. Lack of centralized management, even if consider static contents only. localized string fields are flooded in all .vue files, some of which are configured through settings, that is good, but some hard-coded fields are not covered unless overwrite .vue

So my idea is whether it can be like grav cms here,

  1. force definding static string field seperately,
    ( At least as a specification )

  2. Or add a t() function(twig) or __() function (i18n.js)
    auto collecting all translatable string, then generate a config sheet

  3. Besides, plz consider add language to the route path

  4. Add "language" filed combined with "post type" in data storage, so that it is possible to read different dynamic contents for different languages, It would be better if could share the header elements (like post cover or something) and settings, But simply add a duplicate function in the dashboard is well enough

update: i18next Seems to be a potential choice

In the upcoming updates to Factor we're definitely going to take another look at this. However, I don't understand how the proposed solutions solve the problems you mentioned.

I agree with the centralized management idea, I'll see if there is a better approach out there that we can steal ideas from... please pass any additional ideas along :)