How do I change the "title" tag in content "head" via factor-settings?


Is there a way to change the content of the tag in <head> ?</head>

I couldn't find any answers in the documentation. I am using the Ultra theme. I also tried to change this using the addFilter setup method, but the title gets overwritten to "blog" no matter what...

dead project

Sad to hear. Are there any follow-up project or alternatives?

Things are on hold as there is a lot of flux w Vue 3 and ES build systems. We plan on releasing Factor 2 as an open source headless CMS and optionally a framework in the future.

For now, we are working on

to answer your question, all head and meta info is completely customizeable using Vue meta which comes installed and configured. See docs.

Hi Andrews,

I like a lot this project! is amazing, can i buy a premium suscription? i need the forum feature!!

Let me know please.