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Bugsnag Icon


This plugin implements Bugsnag in your Factor app.

Syntax Highlight Icon

Syntax Highlight

Add a syntax highlighting component to your Factor app.

Google Tag Manager Icon

Google Tag Manager

This plugin adds Google Tag Manager to your Factor app.

SEO Metatags Icon

SEO Metatags

This plugin makes it easy to implement and edit your SEO.

Email List Icon

Email List

Plugin to collect email addresses for invite list, launch list or newsletter.

Job Board Icon

Job Board

This plugin makes it easy to create and manage a job board in your Factor app.

Forum Icon


Factor forum is a powerful forum solution for your factor app. This plugin comes with essential elements to run an efficient and professional community.

Sitemap Icon


Advanced automatically generated sitemaps for your Factor app

Standard Blog Icon

Standard Blog

A standard blog plugin that can be easily customized to meet any blogging need in your Factor app.

Contact Form Icon

Contact Form

This plugin makes it easy to add a contact form to your app.

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